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Courses offered

NSQF-Compliant Levels Equivalence Duration Eligibility
1. NSQF Level-3 (Class 11) 1 yr NSQF Level-2 (Class 10)
2. NSQF Level-4 (Class 12) 1 yr NSQF Level-3 (Class 11)
3. NSQF Level-5 (Diploma) 1 yr NSQF Level-4 (Class 12)
4. NSQF Level-6 (Advance Diploma) 1 yr NSQF Level-5 (Diploma)
5. NSQF Level-7 (Bachelors Degree) 1 yr NSQF Level-6 (Advance Diploma)
6. NSQF Level-8 (Post-Graduate Diploma) 1 yr NSQF Level-7 (Bachelors Degree)
7. NSQF Level-9 (Masters Degree) 1 yr NSQF Level-8 (Post-Graduate Diploma)
  • Specialisations are available in various disciplines such as Hospitality (Hotel Management), Retail, Healthcare, etc. Please contact our Admissions Office for details.
  • All admissions, re-registrations, study materials, attendance, internal/external examinations, marksheets/certificates, etc. are subject to university rules and approval.
  • Discount for SC/ST/OBC Students on select courses.
  • Semester-wise discounts for meritorious students on select courses.





Prof Dr Kalyan Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of VMSU, at NIMS Campus along with Prof P. K. Bhattacharya (Institute of Public Health Engineers India), Dr P. Chakraborty (Director, FSSAI, Govt of India), and other dignitaries/officials of VMSU and Salt Lake Institute of Engineering and Management (SLIEM).


Admission Procedure:

  • Call and/or visit our Admissions Office to obtain our Prospectus & Application Form.
  • Fill in the Application Form and submit the same, along with photocopies of the necessary documents as specified below, back to our Admissions Office.
  • If you are selected, our Admissions Office will inform you, after which you have to complete the necessary Counseling formalities and deposit the applicable Admission Fees.

Documents required with Application: (Ensure that the photocopies are clear and legible.)

  1. Photocopy of proof of date of birth. Original to be kept ready for verification during Counseling.
  2. Photocopy of Admit Card or Mark Sheet & Certificate (if ready) of qualifying exams. Originals to be kept ready for verification during Counseling.
  3. Photocopy of proof of address. Original to be kept ready for verification during Counseling.
  4. Anti-Ragging Affidavits (see Anti-Ragging Policy below).
  5. Your recent color passport photo.
  6. Other documents as may be required for different courses.

Anti-Ragging Policy

NIMS Anti-Ragging Helpline: 92304-59363, Email:

NIMS has a Zero-Tolerance policy towards Ragging. We have very strict Anti-Ragging rules, and all students, along with their parents/guardians, are duty-bound to read, understand, accept and sign the Anti-Ragging Affidavits, failing which the student will not be admitted or may be expelled. Click on the links below for more information: UGC Anti-Ragging Information


We are very particular about grooming. Having the right grooming and attitude is a vital factor in student development. Our students are taught the importance of a pleasing appearance, personality and interaction with others. Uniforms and dresses must be neat and clean at all times. Students are not allowed to attend classes without proper uniform/attire.